I not only enjoy listening to podcasts, but making them too:


My friend Ryan Bratley and I make a podcast together called Spinnerproof, a show ostensibly about combat robotics. We've done coverage of Robot Wars, Battlebots, King of Bots, and Bugglebots; as well as fantasy tournaments, ventures into aerospace engineering, film reviews, and the definitions of things.

The early days of Spinnerproof were recorded double ended over Skype, but these days we record in person. Most episodes are edited by me using Reaper, and I wrote a small Python tool that leverages LAME MP3 and mutagen to convert wav files with CUE markers into MP3 files with chapter markers. You can download it here.

Guest Appearances

As well as making my own, I also occasionally guest on other people's podcasts. Here's a full list of my guest appearances, with the most recent first: